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Traverse City Wood Burning Stoves

Welcome Home

You know the feeling. Warmth, relaxation, and quality time with family. At Traverse Home and Hearth, our top-notch line of hot tubs, fireplaces, stoves, billiard tables, pools, and play stations bring loved ones together for entertainment and a soothing release from life. Check out all of our products and visit our show room today.


Our quality line of fireplaces make a great addition to any living room while providing a warm glow of comfort for the entire home. 

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Hot Tubs and Spas

Exhale. Relax. Feel renewed. We carry the top national and regional hot tub brands that not only cater to your unique needs, but also match your budget. Check out our full line of hot tubs here.

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For those white, snowy Michigan winters, energy efficient stoves are the way to go. Our quality mix of stoves provide radiant warmth as well as cost saving heat options for your home. Click here to see our entire line.

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